Agni Foundation

Agni Foundation is a non-profit and non-religious organization that has been established with a single motive to serve those who are truly in dire straits and bridge the gaps between them, and the help that they rightly deserve. In today’s world there are charitable organizations such as orphanages, homes for the aged, schools for special children etc., that have, due to lack of resources, not been able to keep up with the times. The Agni Foundation has been set up to help fix this problem. Our aim is to identify these needy organizations and literally update them by creating a digital presence for them such as a website with integrated social media. In doing so we simply aspire to empower the organizations, enable them to become self-sufficient and create a channel of funds that will help enrich the lives of those people that are desperately in need.


Latest News

  • FICCI Awards 2016.
  • CSR Leadership Award.
  • Social Innovation Enterprenur.
  • Social Media Campaign.
  • Support and Improvement in Quality of Education.
  • Cleanathon 2k16
  • Chennai Marathon 2k15
  • No. of NGOs impacted till now : 102
  • No. of project identity events conducted : 31
  • No. of events scheduled in Feb & March : 60
  • Approached DLOs & Collected the NSS PO list around all districts

Project Identity

Almost all of us think of helping an NGO only on a few occasions like birthday, wedding day etc. And obviously the organisations that are already known to us will always be the natural choice.

The most prioritised ones are those located in the close vicinity.

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